Friday, January 2, 2009

jai hind

hi,happy new year,check this site and let me know how it is.... and lets join hands to fight againts terrorism this year... and please foward this to all your friends and family.... so that we give a beautiful life our next generationjai hind

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pakistan Agreed to attak in next 48 hours on lashkar

This is confirmed that Pakistan had agreed to this that in next 48 hours it will attack lashkar. Its due to the presser of America and India

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Kya Hindu aur Musalman insaan nahi hote?

Are kya Hindu kya Muslim insaan nahi hote
Jo benaam marte hain kya insaan nahi hote

Ek bachche ke jism ko khareed lete hain Jo log
Un logon ke to imaan kya bhagwaan nahi hote

Jo pyaas bujhaate hain insaani lahoo se
Unke liye jameen to kya aasma nahi hote

Apne liye Jo chahte ho ek ghar naya
Jo todte ho tum kya wo makan nahi hote

Tumko bhi kisi maa ne hi janm diya hai
Jillat se Bach jaati wo gar tum badgumaa nahi hote

Tumhe jab ehsaas haga to tum bhi jaan jaaoge
Kisi ko dard dene wale musalmaa nahi hote

Tabaah karne ke baad kabhi jhaank Lena wo manjar
Tum na hote to kabhi shamshaan nahi rote

Kitna bhi chaho magar yaad rakh Lena ye tum
Ek hee dharti ke do aasman nahi hote

Rahul Vallamber: Stop Terrorism

Rahul Vallamber: Stop Terrorism

Stop Terrorism

Welcome to the world of peace! My guess is that none of us really know as to when we can really say this…
I’m neither a Politician, nor a Police Official or an Army Officer… I’m not big and famous personality as well. I’m someone like you who walks this land, a commoner, an Indian- but with a vision! And let me make this clear, I’m not a man of mere words, but a man of action. In today’s world there are many killing issues, one of the most critical one being “Terrorism”.
At any time if one was to switch on the Television or even flip through the newspaper you would find the press bleeding with news of people who have been affected by the various terrorists activities. With such a situation it makes one feel as if we are caught amongst a pile of dead bodies- I know it’s hard to imagine, but it’s the truth isn’t it!
A common scenario these days- people crying out of the street, desperate mother’s walking the lanes searching for their lost children, wife’s waiting for their husbands to return, a caring brother looking into the eyes of many with the hope that he would find the familiar eyes of his lost sister- well we do tend to feel sad, for it is not you, but someone else on the street who is going through this pain, through this heart tearing loss!
Let me ask you- what do you think one could do about this? Watch the TV, read the news, empathize and feel sad for those who are suffering! Isn’t it pathetic to watch our society go through this phase- the terrorist phase!
No bomb is destined to destroy a particular faith or a group of people- all it seeks is mere annihilation. It simply looks to destroy, be it a Hindu or a Muslim all it wants is bloodshed, death. Period!
It is immaterial whether the blast happens in India, America or even Pakistan it sure claims the lives of many poor and helpless people. And the most difficult being those who witness these blasts and still cling on to the hope that somewhere and someday their loved ones will knock their doors again.
The important question is not that who all are terrorists, but how many such people are out there?! And let me add, there is certainly no use in pointing fingers at others, be it a particular group of people in the society or any particular religion. It’s high time that we understood that because of a handful we are blaming the entire basket!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Now I gona rock Bollywood soon....

Hello my friends and readers,
I'm very happy today because now I am working for a Film Project(bollywood) The production company called me this evening and given me theproposal and they need 3 bikes for the film. Hmmmm chalo now my bikes willrock the industry also... brummmm brummmm ha ha haa.Its all happening because of my parents who always supported me and myloving family and friends. They have always supported me always and prayedfor me.
Hey one more thing soon I am going to be importing some bikes (150cc, 200ccand 250cc) at a very cheap price to India. I am also planning to sell thesame some costume made choppers which designed by me.So keep logging on to my web site time and again to get an update on theprice and models.P.S: The picture of the bike which is showing below that is also for salenow! So hurry write in to or
Rahul Vallamber

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vote For Me

hi friends
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